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Volunteer to Drive on Election Day

Help “Election Riders” Provide Rides to the Polls

CCO’s new Election Riders app will help Kansas Citians who have limited transportation options get to the polls on November 3. Voters needing transportation to their polling place can request a ride through the Election Riders app and receive service similar to Uber and Lyft.

To make this unique program successful, we need volunteer drivers.

That’s where you come in!

Volunteer yourself and your vehicle to answer the calls for drivers for a three- to five-hour shift on Election Day. We’ll provide training, cleaning supplies, and coordination on the day-of.

Interested? Read on …

What do you need?

● A personal vehicle

● A valid driver’s license

● Proper vehicle registration

● Proof of vehicle insurance including liability insurance

How do you prepare?

● Attend an on-line training session; multiple dates will be offered in mid-October

● Sign the CCO Election Riders waiver

● Choose your shift(s). Select from shifts between 5:30 am and 7:30 pm. You can select multiple shifts; links to make your selection will open just prior to training dates.

● Download the Election Riders app and register as a driver. Link will be provided for download on training day.

What to Expect

● We are serving voters in five ZIP codes in Kansas City, MO, 64130, 64127, 64109, 64128 and 64132 which is bordered approximately by Main Street/Holmes Road on the west, Swope Park and the Blue River on the east, 27th Street on the north and Bannister Road on the south.

● On Election Day, you’ll meet your coordinators at “home base” (this will be a church parking lot centrally located in your assigned ZIP code).

● Your coordinators will check your license, insurance and registration one more time.

● You’ll receive an Election Riders placard to put in the window of your car.

● You’ll receive a cleaning and safety kit which includes wipes for your car and extra masks to offer passengers if they don’t have their own.

Safety is one of our top concerns, and we’ve developed COVID protocols and GPS monitoring to keep you and your passengers safe. See next page for safety list.

Click to Sign Up and Drive

Election Riders – Safety Plan and Requirements
Drivers may not engage in partisan conversations, wear clothing or accessories that represent or refer to a candidate or party or to distribute partisan materials.

Drivers and Passengers are expected to behave in a courteous manner.

Safety Guidelines

● Vehicles will be tracked by the Election Riders app GPS system at all times.

● Drivers must adhere to the route provided by the Election Riders App.

● Drivers must not exceed the posted speed limit at any time.

● Each ZIP code will be assigned a home-base location to which drivers may return to await additional ride requests.


● Driver and passenger(s) must wear a mask which covers their full mouth and nose at all times when they are in the vehicle.

● The front passenger window will be lowered to provide clean airflow inside the vehicle.

● The rear seat area including seats, seat backs, door controls and door handles will be cleaned by the driver with sanitizing wipes after each passenger leaves the vehicle.

● Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and extra masks will be provided by Election Riders.

● A maximum of two passengers may be transported at a time; both passengers must live in the same household.