Must-watch videos of the week

Ted Cruz takes a snooze, a weatherman gets an on-air surprise and a gator tries to join a soccer team. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

A little shut eye

Ted Cruz looks like he took a little nap during President Biden’s recent speech. Folks online roasted the senator for nodding off, but he isn’t the only politician who’s fallen asleep in front of the cameras.

Selfless act

It might look like a stunt from an action movie, but it’s definitely real life. A man was driving dangerously through Skanderbeg Square in Albania when Klodian Elqeni jumped through the driver’s open window and stopped him.

‘Whoa, whoa, WHOA!’

Local news anchors have to be ready for anything. A meteorologist had a momentary panic when a bird caught him off guard while he was giving the weather report.

See ya later …

The Toronto FC soccer team was practicing in Florida when a surprise guest showed up on the pitch. We’re not sure what position he’d play.

Fiery rescue

Atlanta police officers responded to reports of a burning car and found a man inside having a seizure. Bodycam footage shows the officers working tirelessly to free the man from the vehicle.