Megan Marie

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    Megan Marie is an Army wife and has been married for over 13 years now, and is happy to be stationed so close (Fort Leavenworth) to such an amazing city! Kansas City is her favorite metro, and she can eat her weight in BBQ.  Megan enjoys music, (Obviously!) working out, animals, singing, reading, wine, annoying her husband and co-workers, the outdoors, talking too much, and eating. Especially BBQ and fried chicken strips!  Megan has a rescue Husky named Cash who talks as much as she does, and a horse named “Angelina Gold” who is as blonde as Megan is and acts like it, too.

    Keep up with all of her shennanigans on insta @radiomeg83, twitter @electricmeg83 and on FB @Megan on the Radio​.